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In the northern hemisphere, observers can expect to see between 10 and 30 meteors in the hours before dawn. Cool stuff, huh?

Nonetheless, you could see a couple. The dirty snowball is 17 miles wide and takes about years to orbit the sun. However, NASA says that the hours around dawn in the days around the peak aren't a bad time to look for meteors either. Bleacher Nation is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program deed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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We call this bedtime procrastination. The meteors will be streaking across our sky atmiles per hour, and about half of them will leave persistent trains, which are glowing trails of energetic gas that remain for a few seconds after the passing of the meteor, according to EarthSky. It makes your computer and table screens softer and less bright as the day goes on. Radiation emitted from cell phones can increase the amount of time required to reach deep sleep cycles and decrease the amount of time spent in those cycles.

So if you normally read non-fiction, try reading fiction. But when you think about bedtime procrastination, the context is very different. The event is Tlnight depending on clear skies and if weather permits.

Ksat kids: see saturn and jupiter tonight at weekly free stargazing event

Make your room as quiet as possible. We're wetting the baby's head tonight if you're up for it? Find an open area with a wide view of the sky. Instead, plan on going to bed a little earlier the next night. We use each Tonighh these reasons as a to delay. If you live with roommates or family, tell everyone to keep it down.

The perseid meteor shower is going to put on a show this week. here's everything you need to know.

The Perseid meteor shower is going to put on a show this week. When does the Perseid meteor shower peak? Understand that you may not fall asleep right away, and give yourself permission to fail, so long as you attempt to get to bed at that time.

That debris crashes into Earth's atmosphere, leaving bright streaks across the sky that you can see under dark skies. Webcasts: How to watch the Perseid meteor shower of peaks tonight! Wherever you go, it's best to sit or lie on the ground, looking about halfway up the sky, the American Meteor Society says.

How to watch

Step 5: Make a public commitment. It'll be the second and last elongation for the planet this year.

You want to take in as much sky as possible to maximize the of meteors you'll see. Parts of northern Nevada and northern Utah will be dealing with a zone of confluence — the boundary in the mid-levels of the atmosphere between two differing airmasses that could produce quite a bit of cloud cover and "dry" thunderstorms storms that produce little or no moisture.

The best meteor shower of the year peaks tonight. here's how to see it.

It is best to use your naked eye to spot a meteor shower. Tonight, if you want. Or will this year's Perseids performance be obscured by a curtain of clouds? Remember the point above about losing track of time? The amount of visible meteors will also be affected by weather conditions where you live.

He said he was free tonight if you're in the mood for a game. Be as specific as possible, using times to set markers.

Over much of Florida, widespread shower and thunderstorm activity is expected through the afternoon and evening hours, in response to plentiful moisture and atmospheric instability and a series of weak disturbances passing through. Your body uses light to set your internal clock to a hour cycle, regulated largely by the hormone melatonin. Get Better Sleep What if there were a precise scientific way to get yourself to go to bed on time, that was also practical enough to implement?

Look up to the skies with san antonio astronomical association

Even better, opt for a good book or a conversation with your spouse instead of defaulting to watching TV or browsing reddit. Disclaimer In addition to news, Bleacher Nation publishes both rumor and opinion, as well as information reported by other sources.

Or you can find more information about some of the showers this year Tonught are most likely to be visible below:. You feel entitled to having extra time at the end of your day.

If i could be with you (one hour tonight)

They zoom through the atmosphere at aroundmiles per hour and burst about 60 miles overhead. Make sure you have a chair or blanket so you can look straight up. Thank us in the morning.